Industrial IoT

Industrial Cellular Routers for IoT and M2M Applications

An industrial cellular router is a device that delivers reliable, fast connections for multiple devices. These devices use a 4G network to create secure connections for machines in any location. They support standard AMQP and MQTT protocols and can be scaled across industries and applications. For added flexibility, these routers push data to Cloud-based services such as AWS and Azure. AWS and Azure customers can also add optional MQTT push agents. Visit cellular router to read more.

Robustel R2011

Robustel's industrial cellular routers provide connectivity for industrial IoT and M2M applications. The rugged R2011-A-4L offers dual standby with dual SIM cards and a powerful range of advanced features for IoT applications. With a RobustOS operating system, the rugged device provides dependable connectivity. It also offers intelligent network selection and supports roaming SIMs.


The InRouter915 industrial cellular route is designed for large-scale deployments and features 4G/3G connectivity and intelligent software functions. It is ideal for mission-critical IIoT applications.

Baima UR75

The UR75 is a professional 4G LTE networking solution with dual SIM slots for a variety of applications. It provides secure connectivity for IoT and M2M deployments, and is easy to deploy and configure. In addition, it features an array of industrial components and a ruggedized enclosure.

USR IOT's Global Version 4G M2M router

USR IOT's Global Version 4GB M2M router is a powerful device that offers cellular and serial data network communication for industrial applications. Its powerful features include high-performance network security, VPN communications, and dynamic and static IP routing. It is also capable of port forwarding and includes a stateful packet inspection firewall. It can support a variety of applications, including smart metering and industrial field sites.

Cisco IOx Software

Cisco plans to offer its IOx software for industrial cellular routers in the 819 Integrated Services Router (ISR). The 819 is intended to support machine-to-machine applications. It can also be used to extend corporate networks to remote and micro branches via 3G wireless. IOx software enables developers to create apps and program priority settings for various applications.

KEB's C6

KEB's C6 industrial cellular Router offers industrial-grade performance in a rugged enclosure. It has a range of features that make it perfect for use in harsh environments, including extended operating temperature, no fans or moving parts, and IP20 protection. It can be easily installed in a DIN rail or wall mount. It supports a variety of communication drivers, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.

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